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Why Love: It Works

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When I taught psychology class in high school, on of the best units covered the book, Tuesdays With Morrie. I even taught the book as the final work for my American Literature course. If you have read the book, you will recognize the following quote from Morrie:

“Love is the only rational act.”

Love makes sense. Love works. It is not easy. It is not weak.

Imagine… seriously…. Imagine if we chose to care about people and acted accordingly. And it is not just the grand moments that would be different. It is in the smallest, everyday aspect of life that we would see the change. Imagine how our decisions would change. How we would act in traffic. How we spent money. Imagine…

Love is the only thing that makes sense in this crazy world. Hate sure doesn’t solve anything. I can’t count the times that the newspaper or newscast left me wondering how bad can we make this world, then another story runs that reveals we can make it worse. We think love comes from the heart, and it does, but it also comes from our mind, our decisions. That is the crutch of Morrie’s quote, Love is rational.

I know that life will have hardships. I know in fact that this post will not change a thing in this world. But I believe that Love works, and I will choose Love everyday.

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Love this Life Gives You

There has been a line from Tim McGraw’s song “Humble and Kind” that brings me to tears every time I hear it.

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How many moments have I lost over the years?

“Hold on, I’m tired. Give me a second,” I would say as my daughter just wants a hug. So, she just heads to her room to play alone.

Or I would just holler to my wife that I was home, then sit in the chair and turn on the TV. I might ask what’s for dinner as she walks into the room.

Or the thousands of letters or cards I never sent to friends and family.

Or how many summer nights I could have sat outside watching the stars with my sons.

Love is not only given but it is received. And sometimes that is the hardest part of the equation because we let so many insignificant things fill our time. We miss the purest expressions of love from others because our attention is on other things. I take for granted that my family will be happy to see me when I get home. I take for granted that the stars will shine tomorrow night. I’ll write that letter, later.

If we would take the time to recognize the love we receive from others, I believe we would be amazed on how deep this life can be. In any given moment this life is showing us that we are loved. We give love, but we must also receive it. Today is too wonderful to take it for granted.

Here is the song the line comes from:


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Have no Fear


What is it? And why is it important in our everyday life?

I was listening to Lupe Fiasco’s song, “Super Star,” this morning as I walked. I was thinking about life. The track team is a week away from districts, the track meet that determines which athletes make it to state. I am again at a crossroads in my career. My family is growing up, third daughter graduates from preschool tomorrow. I am experiencing different kinds of fear in my everyday life. But Lupe’s words just kept hitting me:


And then I remembered the line from Remember the Titans, “ You want to act like a star, you better give me a star effort.”

Fear, doubt, uncertainty causes us to freeze. Let’s be honest, we have all succumb to fear. But I think it is because we have forgotten who we are. Forgot what our skills are. Forgot the strength of our hearts and our foundations. Standing strong on your skills generates that feeling of confidence, and confidence generates action. And action is the fuel that enriches our life. We need to stay connect with who we are, to feel confidence in any situation because it will give us the direction we need to move toward. I’m not saying it isn’t scary, but that fear cannot withstand a confident heart.

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