My Books


UnderBCPaperback Edition

Kindle Edition

Under the Lights is the first story of the Twin Valley Vikings.  It is football season and Coach Reiner is in his second year as the head coach.  The seniors want to take the team to the playoffs, but they have hurdles outside the game that may keep them from achieving that goal.

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From My Years(1)


Paperback Edition

Kindle Edition

This collection of poetry reflects over 20 years of moments. I reveal the power and beauty of moments through the lens of free form poetry. The subject of the poems cover fatherhood, teaching, lost love, and the introspection of life.





Book Cover with Blueberry muffin

Paperback Edition

Kindle Edition

Blueberry Muffins and Other Thoughts is a collection of insights about parenting, education, and life.  The writings in this collection come from my blog posts since 2008.  I share my views about life, parenting, and education.





Book Cover with PenPaperback Edition

Kindle Edition

This collection of poetry delves into themes of relationships, becoming an adult, and the hardships of life. This collection highlights some of my earlier works.


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